A well-made and beautiful timepiece not only serves a practical purpose but carries with it a sense of luxury, class and pride, as well as an appreciation for the finer things in life.

The watch we wear reflects our style. More than that, the right piece is uplifting. It connects us – the modern Indians – to the style of the French, the precision of the Swiss and the grandeur of European kings and emperors. In short, each piece tells a story of the one who wears it and the one who made it.

With an origin that crosses centuries, the creations of Etienne Mugnier an18th-century master craftsman have graced the courts of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Philippe I or “Monsieur”, the younger brother of King Louis XVIII, and King Charles X.

So impressed was Napoleon with the works of Etienne Mugnier the Younger that the emperor and his wife granted the watchmaker the title manufacturer “Leurs Majestés Impériales et Royales” (their imperial and royal majesties) or LL. MM. II. et RR. This earned Mugnier the grand label of watchmaker to the Emperor and Kings, or watchmaker of the court, a distinction he shared with his own son years later.

The House of Mugnier’s legacy extends further back, even before Napoleon Bonaparte and the creation of the first workshop in 1786, to the reign of French King Louis XVI and his Queen Marie-Antoinette.

The royal couple were among the early enthusiasts of legendary horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet, regarded as one of the best watchmakers of all time. The same skills, complexity, details, and influence that went into watches produced for the royal couple, Breguet passed on to the elder Mugnier, his master pupil.

House Mugnier went on to craft its own name among the higher echelons of society, never departing from the training of its master, producing timepieces, including souscription watches, of the most remarkable complexity and functionality.

Today, most Mugnier masterpieces sit in prestigious museums and collectors’ vaults, or are auctioned by elite auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie's.

After all, when it comes to the fine art of horology, time and history only add to the prestige of fine craftsmanship. But you, too, can own museum quality timepieces.

The present-day Mugnier brand carries the same brand promise and quality of the master of old, with designs fashioned after classic.

Mugnier creations, bringing back to life the blend of complexity and simplicity the master was known for and which kings came to expect.

Specifically in keeping with the Make In India initiative, this legendary brand will be produced in India and labelled to applicable regulations. Each watch is crafted from the finest raw materials and with scrupulous attention to detail, with every component being designed and produced to the most exacting Swiss perfection standards, then assembled in a high-tech facility in India.

This is the first time a historied watch brand will be producing its timepieces in India. With India’s recognition of the finest quality and brands of watches, love of detail, and appreciation for timekeeping deep-rooted in religion and history, it’s the perfect match.

For kings, emperors and now, you.
Look to the past so you can design the future.
From 1786 to today. Mugnier – For those who change time.